The Turing Test #2: Irene Pepperberg

In episode 2, we test Irene Pepperberg on animal cognition and symbolic communication. Dr. Pepperberg worked with Alex the African Grey Parrot for 30 years, until his untimely death, and continues to work with other African Greys (Athena and Griffin) to explore the limits of their congnitive abilities. Long story short: she still hasn’t reached the edge. The more we look, the more fascinating avian capabilities we find. Irene is an unconvential scientist in many ways, from her wrist bangles (which you’ll hear) to her background in theoretical chemistry (!), and she’s great at telling her story. Enjoy!

The Turing Test #1: Larry Summers

In our first episode, we “test” Larry Summers, the famous economist. Now a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Dr. Summers has served as Vice President of Development Economics and Chief Economist of the World Bank, Secretary of the Treasury under the Clinton adminstration, Director of the National Economic Council under Obama. Since economics is so important to the logic of Effective Altruism, we’re going to ask him for his expert insight, as well as some insights on his career path. Stay tuned for Larry’s thoughts about EA as a movement!